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If you select the LIVING HERE item on the main menu running along the top of the site on every page, One of the items in the drop-down menu is PEOPLE WHO CAN HELP YOU. If you click that, you’ll see all the different categories of help I have tried to cover.

A lot of it is basic name and phone number information for people who regularly work on the estate.

If you know anyone who provides services in the Barbican or locally, which other residents might benefit from – please make a comment on the page so that I can follow up with you and include the information. Everyone will be very grateful for the help. None of us like having to rely on unknown people selected off websites.

You should also speak to the BARBICAN ESTATE OFFICE in Lauderdale Place and sign up for their excellent Barbican Estate Bulletin which regularly gives residents helpful information and updates on important and useful topics affecting residents.

The Barbican Estate is part of the Cripplegate Ward in the City of London. Your elected representatives may be able to help you or advise you on issues you have. The Barbican Estate Office can give you a list. They often hold ‘surgeries’ here or in the Golden Lane Estate where you can go and meet them.

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