The milkman and more

Kieran the Milkman | 020 8989 2887 (messages) 07721 361520 (Ron)

Kieran’s milk van has been a feature of Barbican life since as far back as I can remember. He let me ride in it once – a childhood dream finally achieved. (Now if I can only persuade him to let me drive it …!)

Kieran works with Ron nowadays. They will deliver to your doorstep. And they don’t just sell milk. They sell:

  • Milk – in glass bottles and in containers (pint, litre and 2 litre sizes)
  • Alpro – soya milk, flavoured milk, almond, coconut and oat milk
  • Orange juice – freshly squeezed, in pint or 4 pint sizes.
  • Eggs – in trays of 30 or boxes of 6
  • Bread – sliced, white, Hovis whole, 50/50 (whatever that means) and granary

You can set up regular deliveries or make one-off orders (two days notice) and pay monthly by cash, cheque or bank payment.