These are the nominated suppliers for the development. Instead of the main contractors supplying particular items or deciding who should supply them, the suppliers were selected by the City Corporation and Chamberlin Powell and Bon and the main contractors would have to use them for this purpose.

Sanitary fittings | JS & F Folkard (London) Limited.

JS & F Folkard (London) Limited was set up in 1952. In 1976 its name was changed to Folkard-Bolding Limited. It was closed in 1996. I couldn’t find anything on its business activities except that it petitioned in the High Court to have a a plumbing company put into liquidation in 1974 – probably a client who defaulted on the contract payment.

Ironmongery | NF Ramsay and Company Limited.

The business was founded in 1885. It incorporated in 1914 as N.F. Ramsay (London) Ltd. In 1928 the name was changed to N. F. Ramsay and Co Ltd. The dropping of ‘London’ may have had something to do with the fact that it then turns up as a firm of architectural ironmongers in Newcastle. The company remained in business as a private business until 1971 when it was acquired by Ferguson Industrial Holdings Limited.

Ventilation duct units | Trueflue Limited.

Thank the gods for Chris Sugg and his blog on warm air heating and the family firm, ‘William Sugg and Co 1837 to 1969’. In a passage on ‘early warm air heaters 1946 to 1961’ he reveals that in 1950s Wates houses in Surbiton, “Use was made of a 6-way ‘True flue’ to discharge all products, smoke and damp air”. Other than that, I have nothing.