These are the nominated subcontractors for the development. Instead of the main contractors carrying out specialist work – such as making the windows – or deciding who should be employed to make them, the subcontractors were nominated by the City Corporation and Chamberlin Powell and Bon, and the main contractors would have to use them for this purpose.

Electrical installations

George E. Taylor and Company Limited, Lee Beesley and Company Limited, Electrical Installations Limited

Ventilation and firefighting installation

Benham and Son Limited, Rosser and Russell Limited

Partitions and plastering

W&C French Limited, FR Kitchins (Plastering) Limited

Timber windows

Fram-Gerrard East Anglia Limited, East and Sons Limited

Kitchen units

Brooke Marine Limited, O Peterson Limited


H Teale and Sons, G Johnson Brothers Limited

Garchey refuse disposal installation

Matthew Hall Mechanical Services Limited


The Express Lift Company Limited, Otis Elevator Company Limited


Soil Mechanics Limited, Economic Foundations Limited, GKN Foundations Limited, Peter Lind and Company Limited

Timber door sets

Samuel Elliott and Sons Limited. The company was set up in 1939 and it still exists! Although only just, because it has been liquidated once, then restored, then struck off twice since for not filing accounts, and is currently about to suffer the same fate again.

Universal Door Company Limited. I am afraid there is just no record of this company at all.

Roofing and waterproofing

The Ruberoid Company Limited. And yes they mis-spelt it. If I had been in charge of marketing I would have been careful with a name like that, but they assured their readers that ,’When you specify Ruberoid you know it will give satisfaction, for it has given others satisfaction for 21 years’. It continued to give satisfaction until it was swallowed by Tarmac in 1988.

Metal doors and screens

Heywood-Williams Limited. There is no sign of that company. But there is a Heywood Williams Components Ltd and a Heywood Williams Architectural Ltd, both set up relatively recently, so perhaps there is a family tradition stretching back to the Barbican development in the 1970s