Tye Cooney | 07470 075640

Tye Cooney has been working on the Barbican Estate for the last 10 to 15 years as a self-employed plumber. He started off working for FWA, the maintenance firm before Metwin, before striking out on his own.

I recently had a problem of my sink water not draining away – to do with the flap for the removed Garchey somewhere in the pipework. Tye sorted it out – and did himself out of some future money by showing me how to do it if I needed to – and then gave me some other useful tips on getting rid of limescale. He was effective, speedy, friendly and helpful – so I would definitely recommend him from my own experience.

John Bundy | 07960 869330

John Bundy has worked on the Barbican Estate for more than 10 years. He started off working for Thompson Brothers as a plumber. He was then invited by Dave Welch – who used to be one of the main self-employed plumbers working on the estate – to join him. But he has been working for himself for the last few years.