Type 9.5 Frobisher Crescent, Barbican Estate

This Type 9.5 flat is an unusual shape which follows the contour of the external corridor, and that changes direction at this point.The result is that this flat acquires an additional triangular segment which provides space for a utility room and a WC. This allows the wall between the hall WC area and the living area to be moved back, leaving a larger living area. Inside the living area, there is a kitchen and then the living/dining area. There are stairs up to the penthouse level where there is a bedroom with an en suite bathroom.


62 sq m / 670 sq ft
Meters Feet
Living / Dining / Kitchen 7.97 x 4.00 26’1″ x 13’1″
Bedroom 4.10 x 3.25 13’5″ x 10’8″

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The Developers’ Floor Plan

Our Floor Plan

Type 9 5 Frobisher Crescent

Our 3D Plan

Type_9.5_Frobisher_Crescent Type_9.5_Frobisher_Crescent_Upper_level