Type F1E Barbican Estate flats

Type F1E is a studio flat layout in Bryer Court. There are eight Type F1E flats on the 6th floor of Bryer Court. The entrances to the flats are off a corridor at the back of the building. So the flats all face west onto the garden square. The entrance is straight into the kitchen with a bathroom on one side. Ahead there is a decent-sized living room and bedroom at the window end.

Type F1E is the 6th floor version of the Type F1D layout which provides all the flats in the five floors below in Bryer Court. Please read the more detailed comments on the living room, kitchen and bathroom which are contained in the Type F1D page. They apply to the F1E flat type too. Type F1E flats (and the P1D penthouses above) differ from the F1D flats in that there is a ‘bite’ out of the Type F1E living room at the window end to accommodate a fire exit; and the balcony, which serves as a fire exit, is not such a long balcony as on the lower floors.

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Please note. These plans are illustrations and approximations only. They illustrate types of flats as built. They don’t show the actual demise, size, layout or dimensions of any particular flat. Individual flats may differ, or have been altered.

Original Barbican Brochure Plan


Our Floor Plan

Arch A (8.5 x 11)

Our 3D Plan

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