Type 94 Barbican Estate flats

Type 94 is a one-bedroom maisonette in Willoughby House. You enter the flat off the building’s central corridor and you take steps up to the living area. The architects must have run slightly out of space. Instead of the standard 16’9″ window frontage, Type 94 is narrower with only 13 feet. The living area has full-width windows and sliding doors onto the balcony. The kitchen is a large corner of the living room, but slightly more compact and open to the living room than in other similar types.

There is a half flight of stairs up to the internal corridor leading to the bedroom. At the top of these stairs is a separate WC. The corridor leads to a further half flight up to the bedroom and the bathroom, which is virtually en suite.

Type 94 involves a slight loss of the living space enjoyed by the standard Type 90 maisonettes and its sisters, but it has a better positioned bathroom. It is virtually identical to Type 95.

The close equivalant to Type 94 at penthouse level is the Type 106 (excepting Type 106’s additional top room).

There are two Type 94 maisonettes in Willoughby House.

The one bedroom maisonettes in Willoughby House – Types 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, 98 and 99 – are all very similar.

Please note. These plans are illustrations and approximations only. They illustrate types of flats as built. They don’t show the actual demise, size, layout or dimensions of any particular flat. Individual flats may differ, or have been altered.

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