Type 85 Barbican Estate flats

Type 85s are two-bedroom flats in Speed House. Each of these flats has a living area and one bedroom at the front over the garden, a largish reception or study opposite the main door in the middle of the flat, and a second bedroom and a dining area at the back. It’s markedly wider – by a room size – than the Defoe Type 57.

Speed House is very like Defoe House above Podium level. The bulk of the flats on the upper floors are Type 20s and Type 21s, which meet round the staircase and lift unit. In Defoe, the fire escape corridor to front and back requires an adaptation to a pairing of a Type 57 and a Type 58.

All this is the same in Speed House, except that the partner of the Type 58 is a Type 85. There is one adapted staircase and lift unit in Speed House, so there are six Type 85 flats, one on each floor.

Please note. These plans are illustrations and approximations only. They illustrate types of flats as built. They don’t show the actual demise, size, layout or dimensions of any particular flat. Individual flats may differ, or have been altered.

Original Barbican Brochure Plan


Our Floor Plan

Arch A (8.5 x 11)

Our 3D Plan