Type 3A Barbican Estate flats

Type 3A is a three bedroom Barbican tower flat. Types 3A, 3B and 3C are variants on the standard 1A, 1B and 1C models to take account of communal water tanks which are needed every ten floors in the Barbican towers. There are three Type 3A Barbican flats in Cromwell Tower on floors 9, 19, and 29; and three in Lauderdale Tower on floors 11, 21 and 31.

In Cromwell Tower, Type 3A flats have rooms along the east-facing side, and balconies looking north. In Lauderdale Tower, they have rooms along the west-facing side, and balconies looking north.

Please note. These plans are illustrations and approximations only. They illustrate types of flats as built. They don’t show the actual demise, size, layout or dimensions of any particular flat. Individual flats may differ, or have been altered.

Original Barbican Brochure Plan


Our Floor Plan

Cromwell Tower TYPE 3A

Our 3D Plan

Cromwell Tower TYPE 3A (1)