House Proud for flat cleaning

 House Proud have an office on the podium at the corner of Willoughby House and Speed House), Barbican, London, EC2Y 8BL

Phone: 020 7256 2002

House Proud is a friendly, family-owned, flat cleaning company, based right here in the Barbican Estate.

House Proud offer an excellent service at a reasonable price. Read the testimonials on their website:

Also they are Barbican ‘residents’ themselves. They have an office on the podium under Willoughby House. I think that shows their commitment to the Barbican Estate, and to making sure their customers here are well looked after.

These are the services they can provide to a busy flat owner or a landlord.

  • Weekly flat cleaning
  • Carpets professionally steam cleaned
  • One-off ‘Spring cleans’
  • Complete cleans for a new letting

I whole-heartedly recommend House Proud for your flat cleaning. They have done mine for years, so I speak from experience. They are meticulous and trustworthy.

These are a few examples of a good service.

  • They took all the packets off my kitchen shelf which had expired a few years before and left them with a note suggesting I might consider throwing them out. It turned out they had been worrying about my health for a few weeks. (Good thing they didn’t look too closely in my fridge.)
  • They decided that I was running the risk of making a hole in my living room carpet with my office chair, so they had a matching piece made up which I can now roll my chair across without risking having to re-carpet my flat.
  • Every so often they take everything out of my kitchen cupboards and wash them. I didn’t even realise I had a manual blender. That’s how long it had been.