Help and Information about the Barbican Estate

The Barbican Estate Office

Barbican Estate Office, 3 Lauderdale Place, Barbican, London EC2Y 8EN
020 7029 3958 |

This is your first port of call for issues concerning your flat or the estate.

You should also leave a set of keys with them. They have a secure system for storing them. You are bound to lose your keys one day and if you don’t have access to a spare set in the BEO office, you will really be stuck. Out-of-hours the car park attendants can get them for you. It also allows you to authorise people to have access without you having to be at home at the time – plumbers, cleaners. They borrow the keys and then have to return them to the BEO. The BEO may also need emergency access if there is a flood while you are on holiday.

Car park attendants

Yes, the Barbican Estate Office is officially the first port of call, but really it’s the car park attendants. The City’s website says: “Barbican Estate parking is staffed with a 24 hour concierge service to help with parking and maintain resident and visitor safety”. Whenever I have a catastrophe – which is nearly always out-of-hours anyway, because that’s how life is – I go to the car park for help and advice. They know who to call if the solution is in the Estate, or they know who to recommend if you need some service from outside the estate.

The City’s website

The City’s website contains a lot of very useful information for Barbican residents. In particular it will give you information about:

  • Your ‘house officers’, who can help you with issues in your block
  • Contact details for the people who deal with particular services
  • The approvals you need if you plan to alter your flat, and how to get them
  • Renting a parking space, bicycle locker, or baggage store
  • How to report repairs which are needed
  • Information about service charges: what you get and how you pay for them
  • Insurance and how to make a claim on the estate’s block policy
  • The committees and residents’ representative bodies which look after all our interests

Golden Lane Leisure Centre

This has a gym and a swimming pool and there are special cheap deals for Barbican residents (at the time of writing).