Sometimes all you need is a relatively small and easy repair carried out.

I recommend Raul Bringas 07808 195566. Raul has worked in the Barbican Estate since 2007. He will provide you with an excellent and prompt service.

I had almost abandoned the idea of getting any small jobs done in my flat because getting a contractor for a small job seems impossible, and they often charge a huge minimum price. Then I was recommended to Raul.

Mending the collapsed shelf which only needed a replacement clip … putting up three hooks on the wall so I didn’t have to hang coats off the door knob …  both were done quickly and without fuss while I ate my lunch. The price was very acceptable. Marvellous.

Raul can also help with lots of other life challenges which you can’t usually find anyone to do. He retrieves boxes for me from my store room when I need them. He helped me take boxes of my things I didn’t need to the charity shop.

He’s an all round helpful guy.

One thought on “Handyman

  1. Paul Farmer

    We had a flat pack dining table and chairs, the assembly of which defeated me. On the basis of this recommendation I turned to Raul, who called in later that morning. He very quickly sorted everything out, and assembled our furniture. I highly recommend him.


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