Stanley Cohen House, Golden Lane Estate

Stanley Cohen House runs along the Golden Lane frontage of the estate and links Bowater House, Bayer House and Basterfleld House. The block contains 32 flats. This block was named for Stanley Edward Cohen. In 1954 he was the chairman of the Public Health Committee, which was responsible for the creation of the Golden Lane Estate.

Stanley Cohen House flat plans

Please note. These plans are illustrations and approximations only. They illustrate types of flats. They don’t show the actual demise, size, layout or dimensions of any particular flat. Individual flats may differ, or have been altered.

1 Bed (left) Upper


1 Bed (right) Upper


Studio Raised Ground


1 Bed End Upper


Detailed information about Stanley Cohen House


  • 32 flats.
  • Main entrance from various stairs.
  • Kitchen and living room.

The overall layout

  • 4 storeys, the upper floor set back.
  • The block was deliberately kept low to allow a maximum of early morning light into the estate.
  • 8 one-room flats, 8 two-room flats, on ground and third floors, and 14 three-room flats, on first and fourth floors.
  • Maisonettes runs through the building from front to back.
  • Stairs of concrete with open steel balustrades in open wells.


  • Reinforced concrete frame.
  • Shuttered concrete end walls, pink bricks at basement and ground floor, and grey engineering bricks facing Golden Lane.
  • Some golden yellow opaque glass cladding facing the garden.
  • The upper floors are pick-hammered concrete, originally painted black and white but now a uniform colour.
  • “Mono pitch” (flat) roof.


All windows have metal opening lights in timber surrounds.

Balconies for upper maisonettes

  • The flats have balconies formed by setting back some windows.
  • The ground floor flats have larger balconies.
  • The first and second floor flats have smaller balconies.
  • The fourth floor balconies extend right along the inside front of the building, and the flats are set back. There are concrete privacy walls dividing them up for each flat.
  • Some balconies have steel and mahogany handrails.

Staircase and entrance

  • Flats 1-5 are reached via stairs at the southern end of block.
  • Nos. 6-12 and 25-32 are reached off shared stairs with Nos. 20-29 and 40-49 Bayer House, on south of entrance to estate.
  • To north of this, smaller stair leads to flats 13-17, and similar stairs serve flats 18-22.
  • At north end of block stair to flats 23-24, 25-32 reached off stairwell shared with Nos. 20-37 and 40-57 Basterfield House.
  • Nos. 25-32 on top floor reached via access gallery, the rest from stairs.