Tower blocks

Each of the three tower blocks – Lauderdale, Shakespeare and Cromwell Towers – has a porter at a front desk in the ground floor entrance foyer, 24 hours a day. They are there for security and to help residents. There is an intercom system between each flat and the front desk.

Terrace blocks

The terrace blocks do not have resident staff. But Barbican Estate staff collect rubbish, clean common parts and are available to help residents – you just have to find them first.

Package deliveries

If you need packages delivered, you can have them left with the car park attendants. This is useful for Amazon or other purchases over the Internet, likely to be delivered while you’re at work.

Central Services

During office hours, the Central Services office in Lauderdale Place is open. They can help with most practical difficulties. It is a good idea to leave a duplicate set of flat keys with them, in case there’s an emergency leak while you’re not there. They keep a lockable cabinet for them.

Car parks

Each car park is manned round the clock by car park attendants. They are the people to turn to for help outside office hours. They have access to the Central Services office so they can get your duplicate keys for you if you mislay your own keys.