Barbican flats have special keys. You can’t have extra keys cut by any locksmith. You have to buy them through the Barbican Estate Office. They can take several weeks to be delivered, so it is a good idea to have extra keys in reserve.

Most flats need one key for the flat and another for the main door of the building. The main door key also works for some other estate doors such as gates into the gardens. If you request it, Barbican Estate Office can arrange for your flat lock to be changed so that you only need one key.

Leave duplicates with the Barbican Estate Office

The Barbican Estate Office will hold duplicate keys for your flat if you wish. It’s useful if you want to let a cleaner or builder have access while you’re out. It also means you can get in if you lose your keys, and the Barbican can get in if there’s an emergency such as a flood. But it’s at your risk.


The existing locks are ASSA automatic deadlocks. They can be changed with permission from the Barbican Manager to single cylinder ASSA deadlocks, without defacing the door. If your insurance company wants further security measures, contact the Barbican Estate Office for advice.

Balcony doors and windows

To open the sliding balcony doors, turn the handle 180° – one half turn. The door can be secured in any position by turning the handle back. Pull the lever on the hinge side down to open and up to lock again. The handle should only works properly when the door is fully closed.