These are GP practices in the area.

The Neaman Practice
15 Half Moon Court, London, Greater London, EC1A 7HF
020 7600 9740

Clerkenwell Medical Practice
17 Pine Street, London, Greater London, EC1R 0LP
020 7833 5906

I am with the Neaman Practice. They seem to be very efficient in sending out emails and messages about check ups and inoculations. When I checked, the Clerkenwell Medical Practice website still had Covid warnings which seemed a bit ancient.

Nowadays, there are a lot of private clinics where you can walk in and get immediate attention, but obviously you have to pay. I have been using Fleet Street Clinic over the last few years for various vaccinations. It is worth getting inoculated for pneumonia and shingles.

I would also highly recommend adding to your contacts list: Urgent Care Centre at The Princess Grace Hospital, 42-52 Nottingham Place , London, W1U 5NY. I turned up one Sunday with a rash I assumed was from insect bites, only to find I had shingles – and was so close to the deadline after which it can’t be stopped that they had me running to the nearest pharmacy where I had to gulp down the tablets at the check out desk. I just made it! From now on, I am definitely not waiting around for doctors’ appointments.