Gilbert House


Front page of the City’s original letting brochure

Building completed

August 1969.


It would be hard to beat Gilbert House for a dramatic location. Right in the centre of the Barbican, it straddles the lake on tall stilts. Underneath it, runs Gilbert Bridge, the marvellous suspended walkway across the lake from the Barbican Arts Centre in the north to the City in the south. On one side it overlooks the Barbican Centre, and on the other it has views towards the waterfall.


Gilbert House is a north-south (or side-to-side) terrace, which means that Gilbert House has a central corridor along each floor. Flats are on one or other side of it, with all rooms facing either east over the lake towards the waterfall and Willoughby House, or west with views over the Barbican Centre. Arguably the flats have the best view of any in the Barbican. The west-facing flats have sun most of the day and look out over the lake and the terrace in front of the Barbican Centre. The east-facing flats get sun in the morning only but look out over the more attractive half of the lake with the waterfall.

Similar blocks

There are 3 similar terrace blocks: Gilbert House, Mountjoy House and Seddon House. They each have penthouse flats at the top, and regular floors of flats below, but no garden flats. They are also all north-south (or side-to-side) terrace buildings.


There are 5 storeys of flats and 2 of penthouses, all above podium level. Gilbert House contains 88 flats and penthouses ranging in size from one to five rooms. Flats are numbered 101 – 114, 201 – 214, 301 – 314, 401 – 414, 501 – 514, 601 – 614, 701 – 704.


The main entrance is at podium level. There are two entrance doors on Gilbert Bridge spanning the lake. (See ‘Lifts and staircases’ below.) You can also enter the building from St Giles churchyard (02 level in the lift) and from the lake side (03 in the lift).

Lifts and staircases

Since there is a central corridor along each floor, a small number of lifts can serve the entire building. There is a staircase with two lifts at the south end of the terrace near The Postern numbered 50A and 50B; and there is another staircase with one lift at the north end near the Barbican Centre numbered 52.

Car parking

There is no direct access to a car park. The nearby Andrewes and Thomas More Car Parks are large.


I don’t know what the arrangements are for tenants’ stores..