Doors & Security

Please treat these details as as examples. I know they apply to some larger flats, because I obtained the information from UHL, the developers, but I don’t know if they apply to all flats. Each flat owner was given a code for access to a database which UHL set up, which gives the precise information specific to each flat. So, to be sure of what specifically relates to your flat, you need to obtain and use that code.

Entry Phone

A wall mounted video phone is provided in the hallway of each flat, linked to a panel at the appropriate entrances on Levels 7, 8 and 9. It is also linked to the lift access points at the lower levels.


The Barbican Centre operates its own CCTV system which covers the externals of the apartments.

Keys and Fobs

There are electronic key fobs and keys that allow residents to operate the communal front entrance door and the car park lobby door.

To operate these, it is necessary to hold the fob close to the reader panel, and the electronic latch will be released.

Replacement or additional fobs are available through the Barbican Estates. (A charge is made for this service.)