Flat Types in Breton House, Barbican Estate

Type Total Rooms Accommodation
F1A 33 1 Studio
F2A 66 1 Studio
P2A 12 2 1 bedroom, living room

Penthouse Flats

On the top floors are 12 two-room penthouse maisonettes, which have a living room and kitchen on one floor and a bedroom and bathroom above, connected by a spiral staircase, and a roof terrace on top (Type P2A).

Regular flats

Access to flats is via lifts and circular stairwells at regular intervals along the block. Each lift/ stair unit serves a group of five or six flats clustered round it on each floor.  On either side of the lift/staircase are two “large” studio flats back to back. They each take up one half of the depth of the building. In between those four large studios is the lift/stair. But that only takes up about a third of the building width, leaving space on either end for a “small” studio. (Small because they do not back onto each other, as the large ones do, but onto the lift/stair unit, which steals depth from them).

On the 1st floor there is just a single row of studios. Small or large, they are essentially laid out the same. They have front windows only . Each has a kitchen and a bathroom at the back. There are 66 “large” studios (Type F2A) and 33 “small” studios (Type F1A).