Flat Types in Andrewes House, Barbican Estate

Type Total Rooms Accommodation
16 17 2 1 bedroom, living room
19 12 4 2 bedroom, living room, study
20 54 3 1 bedroom, living room, study
21 54 3 2 bedroom, living room
22 2 2 1 bedroom, living room
23 18 2 1 bedroom, living room
57 6 2 1 bedroom, living room
58 6 2 1 bedroom, living room
60 2 2 1 bedroom, living room
76 14 2 1 bedroom, split-level living room, patio
78 2 1 Studio (one with patio)
79 2 3 1 bedroom, living room (one with patio)
80 2 2 1 bedroom, living room (one with patio)
81 Pub flat 4 2 bedrooms, living room (large)

Regular flats

The flats above podium level are very similar to those in Defoe House and Thomas More House. Each flat has a bedroom overlooking the lake, and a living room overlooking Fore Street. They are joined by a corridor off which is a kitchen, a WC and a bathroom. The differences between individual flats are in the shapes of the living and bedroom areas, which are dictated by the shape of the lift shaft, emergency exits or stairs outside. Some flats have a larger living room (more window width) like an L-shape, with a smaller bedroom (Type 20 and Type 58). Some have a narrower living room, but one L-shaped bedroom or space – just – for two bedrooms (Type 21). Some are intermediate, with a good sized living room and a good sized bedroom (Type 57). There is also a layout (not found in Defoe House) which has L-shapes at both ends, giving a large living room area at the front and 2 bedrooms at the back (Type 19).

Garden flats

There are two floors of flats below the podium level. Most of them run right through the building, so that the flats have windows at the front and at the back. There are entrances to the building at podium or garage level, and each pair of flats shares a central lift and entrance lobby.

The garden and upper garden flats are very similar in layout. The flat’s main door opens into the middle of the flat. The kitchen and the bathroom are straight ahead. The living area is at the front of the building, overlooking the garden. The bedroom is at the back, overlooking Fore Street. The ones you can look into as you walk round the garden are called garden level flats (Type 76). The ones above are called upper garden level flats (Type 16). In addition, there are two bedsits (one above the other) which lack the living room over the garden and just look over Fore Street. (Type 78). There are two slightly larger flats (again one above the other) which also have no view over the garden, but instead have a larger living room over Fore Street and a second bedroom which is window-less, so it’s called a dressing room. (Type 79).

The main difference in layout between garden and upper garden flats is that the garden level flats have a split level living room. Most of the flat, including the back half of the living room, is elevated above ground level, and you take a few steps down to the front half of the living room. A dramatic window runs right the way up the lake front of the building with the distinctively Barbican “U” shape at the bottom. The upper flats have window boxes overlooking the lake.

At the back, the garden flats have individual gardens. From a distance they look like regular gardens and you could imagine a little wicker gate on to Fore Street. But close up, you find that most are all like huge coffee scoops, 45 feet long, which project well above the eye level of pedestrians in Fore Street, so they are in fact reasonably private. Gardens nearer Postern are much shorter, because of the ramp down to the car park.The flats have a terraced area nearest the door, and a garden beyond.

On Andrewes Highwalk, at the Brandon Mews end, there is a gate marked “Private” but a sign saying “Downstairs to Barbican playgroup”. Down half a flight, there is an art club on your left and the Barbican children’s playgroup on your right which are part of the sub-podium level of Andrewes House.

Penthouse flats

The penthouses come in two types which are almost identical to flats already described, except they are at the top. Type 23 is more or less Type 57; Type 60 is Type 57 but with a slightly wider bedroom.