Blake Tower Two-Bedroom Flats, Barbican Estate

Two-bedroom flats are not all the same size by any means. They can vary from 71.8 m² to 108 m². But they tend to be more standardised than the one-bedroom flats. They tend to fall into groups.

There are no two-bedroom flats on the two lower ground floors, or on floors 1 and 2.


There is a unique two-bedroom flat on the ground floor which is 100.2 m² in area.

Floor 11 is the most un-uniform of the upper floors and its two two-bedroom flats are 92.9 m² in area.

Many two-bedroom flats are on floors 3 to 7 – where there are two on each floor, both on the west side of the building. The southern one, nearest the rest of the Barbican Estate, is always 81.8 m². The northen one, nearest Fann Street, is always 71.8 m².

The largest concentration of two-bedroom flats is on floors 8 to 13, where there are two on each floor – one on the east and one on the west side of Blake Tower, and always at the south end facing towards the rest of the Barbican Estate. They are all 108 m² in area.