Blake Tower Studios, Barbican Estate

The studio flats in Blake Tower are all in the middle of the east-facing halves of floors 2 to 7.

The flats on the floors 3 to 7 identical and the flat on floor 2 is virtually the same, except that a ‘chunk’ has been taken out of the living room and a smaller bit out of the bedroom. (You need to compare the plans to see what I mean.)


If you want to be tiresomely pedantic about it (like me) you’ll say they’re not really studios at all. Studios don’t have separate bedrooms. These flats do. There is a clear distinction between the living space and the bedroom, with a sliding door between them.

A more important difference is that the studios are usually smaller than the one-bedroom flats. The studios are 44.6 m² (41.8 m² on floor 2). The one-bedroom flats are in the region of 50 m² upwards. But even that is not a clear-cut distinction. The officially one-bed Apartments 21 and 23 on floor 2 are only 46.5 m² and 46.1 m² respectively.

The studio flats don’t have a huge amount of window space. The living/dining and kitchen areas share east-facing windows which are opposite the entrance of the flat. The bedroom also has a window facing east near the head of the bed. (On floor 2, the windows are set further back into the flat.)

Floors 3-7


Floor 2