Blake Tower One-Bedroom Flats, Barbican Estate

You should not treat ‘one-bedroom’ as shorthand for a particular size of flat. One-bedroom flats vary considerably in size throughout Blake Tower. For example, Flats 21 and 23 on floor 2 are officially one-bed flats, but at only 46.5 m² and 46.1 m² respectively, they are smaller in area than the studio flats. In the other direction, Flats LG12 and LG21 on the lower ground floors are almost twice as big at 84 m² and 87.9 m² respectively, but are still designated as one-bedroom flats in Redrow’s brochure.


One-bedroom flats from floor 8 upwards are almost always a uniform 48 m² in area. The exceptions are
– floor 11 where two flats are 49.7 m², and
– floors 14 and 15 where there are two large ones at 71.9 m².

One-bedroom flats from floor 3 to 7 – where there are two on each floor – also follow a common pattern. The southern one, nearest the rest of the Barbican Estate, is always 51.6 m². The northern one, nearest Fann Street, is always 53.8 m².

From floor 2 downwards, sizes of one-bedroom flats vary enormously. For example, there are two on the ground floor: one is 49.4 m² and the other is 70.01 m².

One-bedroom flats totally monopolise the north-eastern corner of Blake Tower (facing Fann Street but looking towards Great Arthur House, not Goswell Road). They are on every floor where there are flats (excluding the duplexes on floors 16 and 17).

The one-bedrooms’ hold on the north-western corner (facing Fann Street but looking towards Goswell Road) is slightly less strong. They give way to two-bedroom flats on floors 3 to 7, and to 3 bedroom flats from floor 14 upwards.