Blake Tower Kitchens, Barbican Estate

Almost every flat in Blake Tower has an area collectively called living/dining/kitchen.

Which bit is ‘living’ and which bit is ‘dining’ is generally down to where the brochure designer has decided to put little representations of sofas or tables on the plan. Generally, the area nearest the wall of windows is designated ‘living’ and any remaining middle area is ‘dining’.


What isn’t in any doubt though, is what is ‘kitchen’, because it is built in. For the vast majority of flats – whether studio, one-bed or two-bed – the kitchen is along one wall and it is open-plan with the rest of the living area.

There are three flats where the kitchen is encased in more structure, creating three or partially four walls, but still only accessed from the living area. These are Flats 111, 114 and 142. Finally, there are three flats where the kitchen is a ‘proper’ room with a door onto the hall or corridor (although still accessible from the living area). These are Flats 143, 161 and 162.