Christof Bon

Christof Bon (on the right)

Christof Bon was born on 1st September 1921 at St Gall in Switzerland. His parents were Rudolf Bon and Nelly Fischbacker. He went to school at the Cantonal Gymnasium in Zurich, and then studied architecture at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich where he qualified in 1946.

He soon moved to England and went to work with Professor Halford on the master plan for the City of London in 1946.

In 1949 Bon was on the move again and worked at Studio BBPR Milan until 1950.

But he soon returned to England and he arrived at the Kingston School of Architecture where he taught architecture from 1950 to 1952 and met his future partners who also worked there.

We do not know as much about Christof Bon as about his partners. Who’s Who does not record him receiving any particular honours or awards. Nor do they record any recreations or interests. Perhaps he was simply less outgoing and more of a private man than Chamberlin. He lived at 60 South Edwardes Square London W8. He died on 21st October, 1999.