Ironmongers Hall

It is hard to believe in Ironmongers Hall.

It may look innocuous enough if you glance at it casually as you walk past it on the highwalk. But look a bit more closely and it is clearly put together from bits of architectural salvage. It has a mediaeval castle entrance, the brick walls of an Edwardian country house, Gothic church windows, and then what looks like an Elizabethan Tudor house dumped rather inaccurately on top.

If you look down, you see that the whole thing is placed on top of a two-storey high concrete block, part of which is an entrance to a Barbican storage area. The Barbican wasn’t built until the 1970s. So it can’t be old at all.

It’s as if aliens landed their space ship one night while no one was looking, camouflaged it to look like a country house, and then used mass hypnosis to convince us it had always been there. If you don’t believe it’s aliens, you explain to me why you never see anyone actually enter or exit that building.