Baggage stores in the Barbican Estate

A limited number of baggage stores are available for rent. You can get the current rates from the Barbican Estate Office. In view of demand, 15 portable stores have also been installed in various locations in Barbican car parks.

If you are a flat owner, you can buy a long lease of a baggage store. You have to pay a purchase price and an annual service charge. For details, contact the Barbican Estate Office.

There is a high demand for baggage stores, so initially you will go on a waiting list for a store. When you get one, you will have to sign a standard licence agreement. The charge will appear as an item on your service charge bill which you get four times a year.

You can only use the baggage store allocated to you. But the Corporation reserves the right to move you to another baggage store, even in another building (although that doesn’t often happen in practice).

If you have bought your baggage store, you can sell it with your flat. Alternatively you can sell it back to the Corporation at a discounted price.

An example will show how this is calculated. Assume you bought it for £3,500. If you bought a baggage store with 90 years left to run, you will divide the years by 100 to give a percentage, which is .9%. You sell ten years later. To arrive at the discount, you multiply the £3,500 purchase price by 10 (the years of use) and multiply it by .9, to arrive at a discount of £315. The price the Corporation will pay is £3,185 (£3,500 – £315). This is just an example to show how the calculation works – the actual figures are out of date so you need to ask the Estate Office for the current figures.

You can’t sell a baggage store you have only rented. You have to hand it back to the Barbican when you sell.