The main players


Chamberlin, Powell & Bon

Authors of other schemes

Martin-Mealand Scheme



New Barbican Committee Scheme

New Barbican Committee. A voluntary group called the New Barbican Committee prepared a scheme for the redevelopment of the area. The scheme was refused by the City Corporation and dismissed on appeal as it was considered that the vast commercial premises it proposed would greatly increase congestion in Central London.

Holden Holford Scheme

In 1947, the Holden-Holford Plan was published under the title of “Reconstruction in The City of London‟. The basic premise, was to create a ring road around the City, part of which would be raised up on stilts to enable the centre to become traffic free and developed with courts and gardens as a response to the increasing dominance of the motor vehicle. The only parts of the plan to be implemented were the east-west routes on Upper and Lower Thames Streets and the extension to Victoria Embankment.

City bodies and committees

Court of Common Council


Barbican Committee

Original members: Eric F Wilkins, T. E. Chester Barratt, Stanley E Cohen, R. I. Bellinger, W. E. Sykes, Gilbert S. Inglefield, Ernest A. Parker, T. C. Harrowing, H. W. Keith Calder, Allen F. G. Stanham, W. H. Gunton, Douglas Hill, Alan S Lamboll, David L. Clackson.

Improvements and Town Planning Committee


Coal and Corn and Finance Committee


Housing Committee


Music Committee


City of London Schools Committee


Library Committee


Minister of Housing and Local Government

Duncan Sandys

Important individuals

Eric Wilkins