The building programme

“Having examined the many problems involved we reach the conclusion that – if the project is tackled with resolution – the whole could be completed within seven years from approval of the designs.”

Chamberlin, Powell & Bon, Architects “Barbican Redevelopment” April 1959

The Barbican was constructed in 6 ‘phases’ (I, II, III, IV, V, and Va). ‘Phases’ is the term used, both in practice and in Chamberlin, Powell & Bon’s 1959 report, and it is misleading. ‘Phases’ denotes stages taking place at different times, usually one after the other. – like ‘the phases of the moon’.  ‘Phases’ was used in the Barbican context to mean separate building sites. Phase I meant the public services building (Milton Court) and Phase Va meant Shakespeare Tower – places not stages.

Phase I 1963-1966

Public Services Buildings (Milton Court)

Phase II 1963-1974

City of London Girls School 1963-1969
The Postern (completed March 1971)
Wallside (completed March 1971)
Mountjoy House (completed April 1971)
Thomas More House (completed September 1973)
Defoe House (completed December 1973)
Lambert Jones Mews (completed February 1974)
Seddon House (completed May 1974)
Lauderdale Tower (completed October 1974)

Phase III 1969-1973

Speed House (completed July 1969)
Gilbert House (completed August 1969)
Andrews House (completed November 1969)
Brandon Mews (completed November 1969)
Willoughby House (completed April 1971)
Cromwell Tower (completed January 1973)

Phase IV 1972-1973

John Trundle Court (completed October 1972)
Breton House (completed November 1972)
Bunyan Court (completed December 1972)
Bryer Court (completed February 1973)
Ben Jonson House (completed March 1973)
Commercial areas
YMCA Hostel Block

Phase V 1971-1982

Arts Centre
Frobisher Crescent
Guildhall School of Music and Drama

Phase Va 1976

Shakespeare Tower completed February 1976