Type F2A Barbican Estate flats

Type F2A is a studio flat in Breton House and John Trundle Court. The entrance is off an adjoining central spiral stairwell and lift unit (which allows just enough space on either end for a pair of Type F1A studio flats). The kitchen and the bathroom are at the back, and main room – ‘the bed sitting room’ – is at the window end, looking out of one or other side of the building.

There are 66 Type F2A flats in Breton House and 74 in John Trundle Court. They are usually found in a four-flat combination consisting of two Type F1A flats and two Type F2A flats.

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Please note. These plans are illustrations and approximations only. They illustrate types of flats as built. They don’t show the actual demise, size, layout or dimensions of any particular flat. Individual flats may differ, or have been altered.

Original Barbican Brochure Plan

F2A F2A-2

Our Floor Plan

Arch A (8.5 x 11)

Our 3D Plan

type_f2a (1)