What Environmental Health Officers can do for you

The City’s website provides an excellent explanation about noise nuisance and what their Environmental Health Officers can do for you. I only hope their actual response is as good.

The website page (at the time of writing this) is https://www.cityoflondon.gov.uk/business/environmental-health/environmental-protection/Pages/Disturbed-by-noise.aspx

You should also read https://www.cityoflondon.gov.uk/business/environmental-health/environmental-protection/Pages/Construction-.aspx on construction work in particular.

The crucial point is that the EHO will only take action if they witness the noise themselves. This is what they say about response time: “If the noise is happening NOW, you should be contacted within 45 minutes (8am to 5pm) or 15 minutes (5pm to 8am). Where noise is ‘happening now’ and the responding officer assesses a visit is necessary, we aim to visit site within 75 minutes (8am to 5pm)  or 60 minutes (5pm to 8am) of receiving the complaint.”

So, complain first thing in the morning when jackhammering starts. If you complain at 3 pm, by the time anyone gets to you, the builders may have packed up for the day.


Trappist builder contemplating drilling the hell out of your party wall as soon as the Environmental Health Officer has gone.

And may I also suggest, don’t tell the builders you are making a complaint, or they may cleverly become Trappist builders for the day.




5 thoughts on “What Environmental Health Officers can do for you

  1. Alan Hawley

    Re works to flats

    There is now a considerable debate with regard to the noise being generated by internal building works to flats more specifically hammer drilling to party structures. Has any consideration been given as to the need for a Party Wall Award to be in place in accordance with the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 before any work commences. This does not stop lawful works but it ensures it is properly monitored including noisy working hours and a record of damage which may be caused including cracking to decorations of adjoining properties. I have written to the Estate Office on this matter.

  2. Richard Godber

    When Thomson Bros were drilling into concrete in 70 Defoe for hour after hour, day after day, week after week, I asked Environmental Health to bring ear protectors for themselves and visit my flat.
    We had a pleasant chat, they expressed sympathy that neighbours’ homes were rendered uninhabitable but they refused to visit.
    Perhaps victims need to organise a pressure group to press EH into action.

    1. Michael Barrett Post author

      That is an excellent idea. Next time anyone suffers this kind of problem, please let us all know.

  3. Aaron

    I complained to them about the noise of the delivery lorries for the Tesco on Aldersgate Street unloading at various points during the night and early morning. They said the same thing.

    That doesn’t help though, as although the noise is loud enough to wake me up, the offenders are not there for more than five or ten minutes before they leave.

    It’s a frustrating predicament.

    1. Michael Barrett Post author

      Have you tried measuring and recording the noise level? There is an app for it mentioned in an earlier post. Surely they would have to take you seriously if you show them hard evidence of the noise level?


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