Become your own Noise Abatement Officer with this iPhone app

Want to stop builders making your lives a misery with their incessant drilling and banging? There’s an app for it.

There’s a very good app for the iPhone and iPad called Decibel 10th, which turns your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch into a professional sound meter, which precisely measures the sound pressure level.

Here’s a link:

This could be very useful in proving to the City’s Noise Abatement Officer that you are regularly suffering enough noise to amount to a statutory nuisance. There’s always the worry that if you persuade a Noise Abatement Officer to come to your flat, that will be the day when it’s uncannily silent next door. But if you have measurements taken over many days to show the Noise Abatement Officer, he or she will know you are not making it up or imagining it.

I discovered there are lots of other apps for temperature, humidity, weather forecasts, etc you can find once you start looking online.

3 thoughts on “Become your own Noise Abatement Officer with this iPhone app

  1. R.Fleming

    In response to the leaflet Excessive Noise etc…….
    Surely the Home Improvement Pack will contain concerns about noise. One of the major nuisances of the of the Barbican.

    1. Michael Barrett Post author

      Roy, There is just one paragraph on page 14 saying: “Due to the Barbican’s concrete structure, chasing out works are very noisy. Noisy work such as drilling or removal of structural elements or partitions and installing suspended ceilings may only take place between 10.00 and 16.00.” The salvage store is allocated four times as much space. My personal opinion is that a lot more than that is needed because this is something which potentially can cause a lot of distress to a lot of neighbours. The extra wording which I think should go in is set out in an earlier blog post.

  2. Nic.

    Fully agree with everything you are trying to achieve. Now retired so spend more time in the flat. One of the main reasons for moving to the Barbican was the belief that the noise levels between flats was actually monitored.


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