Sometimes all you need is a relatively small and easy repair carried out.

I recommend Raul Bringas 07808 195566. Raul has worked in the Barbican Estate since 2007. He will provide you with an excellent and prompt service.

I had abandoned any idea of getting any small jobs done in my flat because getting a contractor in is so hard to arrange, and likely to be so expensive. Then I was recommended to Raul. Now the shelf which only needed a replacement clip, and the three coat hooks on the wall instead of hanging everything off the door knob, have been quickly done while I ate my lunch. Marvellous.

He also retrieves boxes for me from my store room when I need them, and helped me take lots of my things I didn’t need to the charity shop.

1 thought on “Handyman

  1. Paul Farmer

    We had a flat pack dining table and chairs, the assembly of which defeated me. On the basis of this recommendation I turned to Raul, who called in later that morning. He very quickly sorted everything out, and assembled our furniture. I highly recommend him.


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