Lek’s Thai Food in Whitecross Street

Lek’s Thai Food is well worth a short walk up Whitecross Street. IMG_0140Lek comes from Thailand, where she learnt home-cooking on a charcoal stove from her grandmother. Lek has a van selling her home-cooked Thai food on Whitecross Market, about a 100 yards up from Waitrose on the right.  These are some serious selling points:

  • Everything is cooked fresh from scratch every day. What is left at the end of the day, they IMG_0151IMG_0141give away or throw away.
  • Lek is fanatical about hygiene. She is one of the very few with a 5 star hygiene rating (the maximum).
  • The food is absolutely delicious, and of course authentic.
  • And it’s very inexpensive, since there are no restaurant premises at £30 per square foot to be paid for.
  • Lek and her charming staff will help you with your choices.

You can drop by from noon, and buy yourself a pretty amazing take-away lunch to eat back in the Barbican. Or you can keep it for supper and save yourself a lot of cooking, and also avoid buying an unhealthy, processed ready-meal.

There are some real gems among the dross on Whitecross Street market, and Lek’s Thai Food is one of the brightest.