The Postern


Front page of the City’s original letting brochure

Building completed

March 1971


If you follow the Gilbert Bridge over the lake, pass under Andrewes House, and then take a dog leg to the left, you will be on the Postern Bridge heading towards London Wall. Postern Bridge is a covered pedestrian way about 12 feet wide. On your left is Roman House in Wood Street (not a very attractive outlook in the past, but recently improved). On your right – in fact, right on the footpath – are the front doors of the Postern properties. At the other end of the Postern Bridge, the Postern joins Wallside and one branch of the podium pathway turns right into Wallside.


There are 7 town houses (on 4 storeys with garages), a maisonette, a flat and the Rectory of St Giles’ Church. (The Barbican Estate Office classify them all as flats.) They are numbered 1 – 10. I get the impression they are mainly linked to the church or used by businesses. They overlook the church and the extension of the lake which runs between the church and the remains of the City Wall.


At the start of the Postern, there are stairs down to St Giles Terrace, where St Giles’ church is. You are now at street level. The back of a restaurant which was fornerly Crowders’ Well pub opens onto it as well. The Postern houses do not have back entrances onto this terrace, although they overlook it.