Lambert Jones Mews


Page from City’s original letting brochure (actually for Brandon Mews because I haven’t found a brochure for Lambert Jones Mews).

Building completed

February 1974.


If you are killing time in the rather desolate forecourt below Lauderdale Tower, and you happen to glance over the parapet wall, you will be surprised to see a little row of mews houses below you. If only they had turf roofs and smoke rising from chimneys, you would think you had fallen into a Beatrix Potter story. This is Lambert Jones Mews. It lies between Thomas More Garden and Lauderdale Place (which is the forecourt below Lauderdale Tower) .


Houses in Lambert Jones Mews are east-facing and have views directly over Thomas More Garden. They have lovely views onto the Thomas More Garden. In fact many of them have doors direct onto it. I have to admit I look enviously in at their dramatic windows whenever I jog around the garden late at night. They also face onto a cobbled mews road directly below Lauderdale Place.

Similar blocks

The most similar properties – by being two storey mews houses – are the houses of Brandon Mews. Wallside and Postern contain larger houses.


The glory of Lambert Jones Mews is that many of them have back doors opening onto the Thomas More Garden – no other flats allow you to actually stroll out of your home straight into the garden. They also have windows running up two storeys so that even when sitting in your living room you can stare contentedly over the garden and watch out for our foxes. The houses have roof gardens roughly at the height of the podium. They also have small balconies at the front over the mews road.


The front doors of the houses are onto the cobbled mews road directly below Lauderdale Place, whose entrace (which is shared by the Thomas More Car Park) is off Aldersgate Street. Many of the houses have back doors opening out onto the Thomas More Garden, but some don’t.

Car parking

Temporary car parking is available on the cobbled mews road in front of the houses and there is the Thomas More Car Park next to the mews.


I am not aware of any stores outside the houses themselves.