TV & Phones

Please treat these details as as examples. I know they apply to some larger flats, because I obtained the information from UHL, the developers, but I don’t know if they apply to all flats. Each flat owner was given a code for access to a database which UHL set up, which gives the precise information specific to each flat. So, to be sure of what specifically relates to your flat, you need to obtain and use that code.


The flat has a television socket in the living room and in the main bedroom.  The aerial is Integrated Reception System (IRS) which has a satellite receiver to enable you to gain access to Digital  channels by subscription to a supplier, or, by using Freeview or FreeSat. There is a communal aerial set up to service all properties.


The flat has been pre-wired to receive telephone services from British Telecom Plc in both the bedrooms and lounge areas.

You will need to enter into an agreement with British Telecom to have the service connected.  You are responsible for all connection and rental agreements.