Please treat these details as as examples. I know they apply to some larger flats, because I obtained the information from UHL, the developers, but I don’t know if they apply to all flats. Each flat owner was given a code for access to a database which UHL set up, which gives the precise information specific to each flat. So, to be sure of what specifically relates to your flat, you need to obtain and use that code.

Carpets and laminate flooring

Pennells Carpets Ltd
Unit 5
Bell Lane
Bellbrook Industrial Estate
East Sussex
TN22 1QL

Tel: 01825 766422

Laminate Flooring Design/Colour
EC Forest Product Sales Ltd: Dark Oak, 1950 x 180 x 20mm engineered wooden planks on proprietary underlay.Carpet Design/Colour
Bedroom Carpet: Victoria Carpets, Range: Super Wyndams, Colour: 849 Gosling

Ceramic tiling

The Tiling Company (Southern) Ltd,
Project House,
Quarryside Business Park,
Thornton Side,
Surrey, RH1 2LJ.
Tel: 01737 770060

Ceramic tiles design / colour
See the ‘Bathrooms’ page

UHL advice on caring for your floors

Wood Flooring
In order to preserve their appearance and prevent damage from dirt and grit underfoot, your wood flooring should be cleaned regularly using dry cleaning methods such as a vacuum cleaner or soft broom. When necessary, the floors may be cleaned using a moist cloth and a mild household cleaner.

The amount of moisture used should be kept to a minimum by ensuring that cloths and mops are only lightly dampened. Spillages should be cleaned off straight away as any liquid allowed to soak into the joints will damage your flooring. You can further protect your flooring by using felt pads or castor cups under furniture and avoid dragging heavy objects over the floor.

Frobisher Crescent Developments Ltd cannot be held responsible for any damage to floors following completion of your home if the manufacturers recommendations outlined above are not strictly followed.

To prolong the new look of your carpet, we recommend regular vacuuming, thus removing potentially damaging dirt and grit as this is a major cause of premature ageing and wear. Small spot stains should be treated as soon as possible, blotting the area not rubbing. For large or persistent stains, we advise you consult a professional carpet cleaner.

Ceramic Tiles
Ceramic floor tiles should be cleaned with a soft cloth and a mild detergent solution.  Cream cleaners and abrasive agents should be avoided.