Flat Types in Bryer Court, Barbican Estate

Type Total Rooms Accommodation
P1D 8 1 Studio
F1E 8 1 Studio
F1D 40 1 Studio

Bryer Court is the most uniform block on the estate. It contains almost identical flats, all studios.

There are five floors of studio flats of Type F1D. The 6th floor contains similar studio flats of Type F1E. The 7th floor contains similar penthouse flats of  Type P1D.

The entrances to the flats are off a corridor at the back of the building. So, the flats all face west onto Beech Gardens. The entrance is straight into the kitchen with a bathroom on one side. Beyond the kitchen there is a decent-sized living room and a bedroom at the front overlooking the gardens.

A special feature of Bryer Court studios, not present in studio flats in other Barbican blocks, is that the kitchen is separate. There are some special features to the bathroom too. Unlike almost any other flat on the estate, the bathroom has a window and enjoys natural light, although there is no view from the window. Another benefit is that there is wardrobe space built into the bathroom, but it is quite tight.

The main living room is west facing and it’s a good shape, but the living room taken by itself is not as big as, say, the living room in a John Trundle Court or Breton House studio because of the kitchen being a separate space. In those blocks the kitchen is part of the living room area.

On the top two floors part of the living room is taken for the fire exit; and the balcony, which serves as a fire exit, is not such a long balcony as on the lower floors.