Flat Design

“In all cases, however, the large living rooms are planned in the corners of the towers so that – irrespective of the placing of these on site – each living room has a dual outlook which ensures the entry of sunlight during a large part of the day. In order that living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms should have the benefit of the maximum external wall area, kitchens and bathrooms are concentrated in the centre of these blocks; these service rooms are ventilated by extract ducts which run up the core of the building. This concentration of drainage and service ducts in the centre of the blocks is both practical and economic.”

Chamberlin, Powell & Bon, Architects “Barbican Redevelopment” April 1959


Each flat takes up one corner and most of one side of a tower floor. There are three flats per floor. The living room was deliberately placed in the corner of the tower so that it would have windows looking out of two sides, giving it maximum sunshine.

The decision was made that people would willingly sacrifice daylight for their kitchens and bathrooms, because most of the times when they would be using them, it would be dark outside. So they are concentrated on the inner side of the flat.

The living rooms and bedrooms monopolise the window side of the flat.