Flowers in tubs in the Barbican Estate

On the Podium, the log boxes – as opposed to the concrete ones – are mainly tended by members of the Barbican Horticultural Society. There are many of these log-cabin type flower containers all over the podium and highwalk, and they are effectively private gardens of BHS members – but private show-case gardens which we all get to enjoy.


If you join the BHS you may be able to have your own ‘allotment’. You have to take a group of three boxes, and you have to morally commit to keeping up the high standard constantly achieved all over the estate.

When outsiders think of the Barbican, they may think ‘concrete’. When I think of the Barbican, I think ‘flowers’ – and that is mainly thanks to the resident gardeners with their glorious window boxes and the podium boxes like these ones.