Beech Garden

Beech Garden is part of the podium immediately above Beech Street (the tunnel). It is the start of the North Podium – the upper level of the podium. You can look over the wall down into Defoe Place. Beech Garden is surrounded by John Trundle Court, Bunyan Court and Bryer Court. It also extends towards Ben Jonson House and then on towards Cromwell Tower.

Flower beds

The flower beds are quite formalised – they are constrained by the shaped beds let into the tiled surface of the podium.


Beech Garden before the 2015 refurbishment  – and hopefully as it will be once more.

The flowers are regularly replaced by the City’s gardeners during the Spring and Summer months to ensure a constantly fabulous and colourful display to improve the day for any lucky person strolling by or relaxing and reading a paper on one of the benches.

Since the refurbishment the gardeners seem to have opted for a more natural look.


This seemed to go on for years – in fact it did go on for years. The whole area was dug up so they could reline the podium to prevent water seeping into the buildings underneath. For months they were pouring a foul-smelling concoction. I bet they’ve missed a bit and the whole lot will have to come up again.