Barbican estate project

In their 1959 report Chamberlin Powell and Bon say that all of the following permanent or temporary members of their firm contributed to the report, in some capacity or another, so I am recording their names:

Mary Adams, George Agabeg, Margaret Agabeg, Nigel Azis, Abdullah Brechna, William Brown, Jacqueline Caro, Ross Chisholm, Michael Clements, John Connaughton, Martin Crowley, Peter Deakins, Michael Dixon, Ronald Ferguson, Clare Ferguson, John Honer, Peter Honer, Keith Manners, Eugene Mapp, Michael Neylan, Joan Pink, David Potts, Rosemary Proctor, Elsa Pryce, Rosemary Roberts, Ranjit Sabhiki, Alexander Saunders, Michael Thomas, David Turner, Peter Warren, David Williams, Watcyn Williams.