Welcome to my website about the Barbican Estate. I have been working on it for nearly 20 years and it is a bit of a labour of love.

But enough about me. I guess the reason you are here on my site is that you want to buy or rent a Barbican flat. I hope you will find everything you need to know here.

Register with these agents to find your ideal Barbican flat

The only way to find flats to buy or rent in the Barbican is via estate agents. These are the main agents for the Barbican Estate. They can tell you when a flat comes up. You should definitely register with all of them. They will all have different flats – there’s almost no ‘multiple agency’ here.

Nicola Lee
Frank Harris
Hamilton Brooks
Scott City

The problem about locating all the right agents … just to waffle for a moment … is that googling isn’t foolproof, because not all the Barbican specialists appear on page 1 of results. Lots of big builders and country-wide estate agents (who don’t actually have any Barbican flats to offer!) pay for ads to commandeer the top spots. I don’t know why they bother; it just makes it difficult to sort out who really to contact. Anyway, I hope I have solved that problem for you.

You should also try these agents who often have Barbican flats as well.

AW Childs
Hurford Salvi Carr
Thomas Michael

You need good lawyers too

Try and get Christine Corion of Laurus Law if you can.  She will make sure your transaction goes through smoothly.

There is a complete set of Barbican flat plans and an explanation of all the flat ‘types’ here.